Iraqis mention the Ministry of Communications in the Stone Age

iraqis mention the ministry of communications in the stone age

Iraq has been witnessing a noticeable weakness in the Internet service for some days, which is a source of discontent for users, and the degradation of the service makes their main talk in their correspondence and comments.

Iraqi users have launched #ImproveIraqNetwork to try to pressure the government to improve the service. The websites have been filled with sarcastic and angry comments, most notably the words of one of the campaign's members, Zulfiqar Muwaffaq, "Let's go back to the Stone Age."

"The Ministry of Communications justifications for the existence of cables or Internet smuggling are unjustified. The ministry is responsible for ending the smuggling operations and developing the Iraqi Internet, otherwise the role of thousands of employees in it," Mowaffaq told RT.

He added: "Our campaign now on the media media, and unless the ministry works to be a service with modern technologies such as optical cable developed, we will press and perhaps pretend, the Internet today need and need, such as water and food, and the whole world uses optical cable service, but Iraq is still using towers "He said.

A few days ago, the Iraqi Organization for Measuring the Quality of Communications (MCIT) blamed the Ministry of Communications for the turbulence of the Ghentnet service and its overall weakness in Iraq.

"The Ministry of Communications is fully responsible for the lack of service, as it has not undertaken any infrastructure development work for nearly 10 years," the organization said.

Source: RT


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