Iran: We reached the height of confrontation with the enemy

iran: we reached the height of confrontation with the enemy

Amid growing tension in the Gulf region with the United States, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said his country was witnessing a "peak of confrontation with the enemies."

"Today, we have reached the peak of confrontation with the enemy at all levels, including the economic," Khatami said in a speech at a national forum on the theme of "Communication and Public Relations Day" in Tehran.

"Through their psychological warfare and the use of the media and virtual space, enemies seek to spread despair and frustration among Iranian society," Khatami said.

The Iranian Minister of Defense in this context, "remarkable technological progress in the field of communications and virtual space" within the country, stressing public relations officials in Iran, "the need to play their sensitive role and the head in the face of smart threats and the implementation of the receipt, analysis and transmission of messages and information and true, In raising the level of knowledge and readiness of the people and society in the country. "

In the meantime, the Commander of the headquarters of "Khatam Al-Anbiya" of the Iranian air defense, Brigadier General Ali Reza Sabahi individual, said that "the readiness of the Iranian air defense forces and their full readiness, which sends the spirit of despair to the enemies."

For his part, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Admiral Ali Fadavi, said that "Iran is strong enough to activate greater capabilities than it is today."

Iran has been escalating its military rhetoric against the backdrop of sharp tensions with the United States since its current president, Donald Trump, took office in January 2017 to sharply underline the US approach to the Islamic Republic, which has been subjected to a series of painful sanctions. The escalation has reached a new stage after the Pentagon sent a group of warships led by the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier to the Gulf region on May 5 with a number of B-52 tactical bombers because of "confirmed information" about "threats" Iranian "toward US military and their allies.

Source: IRNA + Fares + Agencies

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