Iran publishes video arrest of Nazanin Zagari Ratcliffe

Arabs Today - Iran publishes video arrest Nazanin Zagari Ratcliffe

The Iranian authorities released Thursday a video showing the arrest of Iranian-British journalist Nazanin Zagari Ratcliffe, who has been in prison since 2016, a move considered a "malicious psychological game" launched by the Iranian regime in response to a hunger strike.

In September 2016, Zaghari Ratcliff, a Thomson Reuters employee, was sentenced to five years in prison for participating in anti-regime demonstrations after her arrest in April 2016. The Iranian judiciary condemned Ratcliffe for disobedience, A charge she denies constantly.

In early January, Ratcliffe announced that she would start a hunger strike, along with another woman named Nargis Mohammadi, to claim her basic rights to seek medical help and see a doctor after the authorities prevented her from doing so.

Richard Ratcliffe, Zagari's husband, said the aim of the Iranian regime's release of the video, which had never been seen on state television, was an "attempt to play a malicious psychological game" against it in response to its hunger strike, .

In the video, Ratcliffe stands in a queue at Tehran's Khomeini International Airport and shoves a cart carrying her bags. A man approaches her and asks her for her last name. After answering her name, she is asked to accompany him, leaving all her belongings on the cart and carrying only the backpack.

In another shot in the video, the man asks Ratcliff if she will travel to London, to be sure, then tells her that he is the prosecutor's representative in the investigation, that the judiciary has issued a warrant for her arrest and that she is forbidden to travel and should go with them to the judge's office where she will be informed of the charges against her .

Ratcliff then appears in a second shot and says she will tell her mother that "she was arrested for unclear reasons until the morning when the judge comes and questions are asked and answered and the problem is resolved."

In recent years, Iranian nationals have been jailed by many dual nationals, who have been secretly charged in closed sessions. Iran does not recognize dual nationality, which limits foreign embassies' access to citizens of their countries held there.

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