«IPhone 10 R» … advanced features at a cheaper price

Experts estimate that the new iPhone XR ($ 750) comes as a cheaper device and carries the same features as Apple's expensive phones, which cost up to $ 1,000.

The slim iPhone that is available on the market is the phone most people will buy. The other Apple phones, which carry the name of the iPhone 4S XS and the iPhone XS Max XS MAX, and cost $ 1000 to $ 1100, have been put on the market.

– Phone features

The new iPhone 10R is highly efficient, but has some negative aspects. The device comes with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. Which was used on previous phones, and is slightly different from the screen Alulid used in iPhone XS phones, but you will not notice this difference unless you are a film expert.

The phone also comes with one camera less dazzling than the dual cameras lenses in the versions of XS, but still gives you a satisfactory picture when using the portrait mode and also known as the effect of "bokeh effect," which focuses on the main theme in the image fully and works at the same time On the marginalization of the background slightly.

It should be noted that the age of the 10R may be shorter than the life of the most expensive relatives, especially since the glass background is not as solid as the background of the versions of the 10S. However, its frame or structure is made of aluminum instead of the durable steel used in the higher priced phones. But these differences remain minor and can be overlooked.

American expert Brian Chen has tried the iPhone 4R for four days and reached some conclusions.

– Offers bright

Apple has developed a new kind of LCD screen. To improve the color accuracy and the 10R screen pressure at the corner of the handset structure, the result was what the company called Liquid Retina, which looks better or brighter and more vibrant than LCD screens. Used in previous iPhone phones.

It must be recognized that there is a difficulty in determining the difference between the screens of Liquid Retina and the newborn used in iPhone 10S, but the difference is clearly shown in black colors: if you look at a picture taken in the dark, you will notice that the black colors on screen 10R have a pale blue glow , Resulting from the backlight used to illuminate the screen, while the black colors on the XS phone are darker and more realistic because the oleide technique hides individual pixels to turn black.

While browsing the Internet on my phone 10S and 10R, there are some photos that look no doubt better on the iPhone 4S. One of these photos was a professional shot about the cherry season. In the picture that shows several types of cherries in colored chains, the red and greenish blue colors appear clearer on the 10S screen than on the 10R, so that some red spots on the wooden table appear clearer on the first screen.

But these negative aspects are trivial, especially since you spend most of your time on the phone browsing amateur photos taken by friends and relatives, so why not save $ 250 and enjoy a little bit of animation.

– One lens camera

If your thoughts are still wrestling between my 10R and 10S, that means you're probably going to build your decisive decision on camera features. The one-lens 10S camera captures clear, excellent images with realistic colors, but because it lacks a second lens, you will not be able to take portrait images with the fun DSLR.

To introduce the portraiture mode to the iPhone 10R version, Apple used the computer-based learning technology to decode the images to identify the people in the picture and explain them with the background marginalization. Apple has decided to limit the use of image processing that relies on automated assistive technology, especially when it comes to photographing people.

On the other hand, the second lens in the 10S camera helped the device capture clear images of a wider range of subjects, such as pets and objects. In addition to helping automated learning technology, the two devices work together to create depth-of-field effects that focus on the subject of the underlying image and marginalize the background. When you try to take a picture of a human subject, an iPhone 10R camera shows you a message that "no one has been spotted." They are therefore disappointed with their portrayal of pets and food.

On the other hand, Google's Pixel 3 ($ 800) comes with a monochrome camera with automated learning technology, showed great performance in the tests and took pictures of a portrait showing pets, food and people clearly.

On the iPhone's iPhone 10R, Apple said it wanted to focus on capturing images showing people right. This means that people who are not much interested in animals and prefer to take beautiful pictures of people around them, will not often mind having these limitations in the 10R camera. In the tests, the iPhone XR looked perfect in taking pictures of the wife's portrait, giving full details of her head like her hair follicle and the background background.

– Battery and speed

> Battery, speed, thickness, and colors. Here are the other things you should know about the iPhone 10R:

Apple said the iPhone 10R has the longest battery service among all other iPhone phones. It also offers 16 hours of video playback, compared to 15 hours for the XS Max iPhone. In the tests, there is no noticeable difference, as the batteries of the two devices last for a whole day.

> In speed tests to measure a single computing kernel with an application to evaluate the performance of the device, it was found that the speed of the 10R is equivalent to the speed of 10R and the speed of Google pixels by 49% and the Samsung Galaxy S9 by 45%.

> The structure of the iPhone 10R exceeds the structure of the 10S thickness by half a millimeter, because of the space left by the cheaper phone for the backlight used to illuminate the LCD screen, as well as the 6.1-inch screen in the iPhone 10R slightly larger than the iPhone 10 S, which comes with a 5.8-inch screen. For this reason, you will feel that the 10R version is larger in the pocket than the 10S. (And in obedience, the iPhone looks like the 10max with its larger 6.5 inch screen).

> The 10R lacks 3D touch technology, the iPhone feature that allows users to control some programs by stretching the screen. If, for example, you press the camera icon on the lock screen and press the button, you will only get a tactile response. Of course, this shortcoming can be overlooked.

> The iPhone 10R comes in six colors: white, black, blue, yellow, red and red, while the 10S comes in three colors: golden, white and black.

As always in the new hardware world, good things are always the lot of those who wait. So, if you can resist the 10S glamor and buy the 10R, your award will be a great phone, with the opportunity to keep some money in your pocket.

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