Imprisoned 15-year-old mother threw her two children in the Nile River in Minya

Al Arab Al-Youm - The 15-year-old incarcerated mother who threw her two children into the Nile River in Minya

The Criminal Court of Menia ruled the third district under the chairmanship of Counselor Abdel Rahman Abdel Hafez, and the membership of Advisors Sherif Safwat, Mohamed Fathy Sadiq and Counselor Islam Abou El Kheir, representing the Public Prosecution in case No. 31638 of 2018 to the strict 15 years imprisonment for a woman who threw her two children in the Nile River for marital disputes with her husband.

The incident took place when Minya security director received a notification from the police officer of Menia police station that Shaima, S., and resident of Banjaa Sheikh Issa Saft El-Laban in Minya Center threw her two children, Mohammed Ragab Dahi, 3, and Hani Ragab, two months old in the Nile River. The first child and the rescue of the second child after he was covered on the surface of the water and the search and investigation and presentation to the Public Prosecution, recognized the incident and conducted a graphic examination of the incident because of differences between her and her husband.

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