If your phone is in this list, it can be deceived and its screen lock can be opened using a picture only

One of the most innovative technological applications that exists today is undoubtedly Face Recognition to unlock the phone, but it does not mean it is a perfect thing.
In fact, every user who uses his face to unlock his cell phone does not mean that you have a 100% safe and effective way, since it has proven to be a fantastic failure.

This came from the results of a study conducted by the Consumer Association of the Netherlands, where it was investigated how easy it is to deceive the technology.
As part of the research, 110 cell phones of different brands were used, with more than a third failing to pass the test.
The smartphones studied were very diverse, because the study did not want to leave any company out of study. The method of implementation was simple: a high-resolution picture of the owner of the phone was printed and placed in front of the cell phone to unlock the screen.
The results are divided into three: easily unlockable phones, hard-to-open phones and unobstructed phones, so if you want to see if your phone has succeeded in this exercise, look for the following table:


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