If you do not want viruses on your phone, do not download these 13 games after they have been discovered


It was announced yesterday as We published today The existence of 8 malicious applications for Android steal and use the information of its users to achieve large sums of money, but this was only the beginning of bad news.

This is said because 13 games have been detected in the Google Play Store contain viruses that are harmful to users’ phones.
The malware discovered by a researcher at the ESET company Lucas StefanoCumen turned out to be very malicious, because it is hidden in many racing games, which seems terrible, but in fact users did not realize it because it was normal to download the game But in addition an additional APK is downloaded, which is loaded with viruses.

“Lucas Stefanco” first warned the people of these games on 19 November. It seems that all of them came from one developer named Luiz O Pinto. Once installed, they download an additional APK called “Game Center” and make the user install it. After that, the icon disappears and displays malware and ads when the user’s phone is unlocked. “Lucas Stefanco” said that the applications have no legitimate functions.
Although the games are infected, two of them have access to the list of Google Play Trending Apps, Stefanco said. Below is a complete list of these harmful apps:

Truck Cargo Simulator
Extreme Car Driving
City Traffic Moto Racing
Moto Cross Extreme
Hyper Car Driving
Extreme Car Driving
Firefighter – Fire Truck
Car Driving Simulator
Extreme sport Car Driving
SUV 4 × 4 Driving Simulator
Luxury Car Parking
Luxury Cars SUV Traffic
SUV City Climb

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