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I get the terrible Gesture Bar feature on your Android phone of any kind

Gesture Control is an application that adds a large button shaped tablet at the bottom of a screen to a phone which lets you use different features and gestures.

This application attempts to bring to your phone the Navigation Gesture Bar feature in the iPhone X, which allows you to control the phone easily and quickly so that if you pulled to the right you will go back, for example, or if pulled to the left will give you buttons or to activate anything in your phone Set your own.

If you also drag up, it will give you a list of applications that run in the background or you can go back to the main menu. In short, it takes you to many steps and the most beautiful is that it adds a nice look to your smartphone.

This feature you can get in your smartphone download the application from and give it all the permissions it will need, and you’ll notice the appearance of the bar at the bottom of the screen where you can control everything you will need in your phone.

To download it go to the following link: Gesture Control 


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