"Hyundai" reveals the first car that can walk and climb

Today's Arabs - Hyundai unveils the first car to walk and climb

The company "Hyundai"Korean for the first futuristic car, can walk and climb, making it a car and Robert together.

High-performance SUVs, UMV, said they could walk in rugged, rugged terrain in the event of a natural disaster.

And through her four feet the Lord, he can command the car Traverse any difficult terrain, and do anyone's help, making it ideal for off-road mobility, skipping all the challenging boundaries faced by traditional cars.

"In a disaster like a tsunami or even an earthquake, existing rescue vehicles can enter a place full of debris, by walking, not walking like traditional cars," said John Soh, vice president of Hyundai.

The car was shown at CES 2019 in Las Vegas as part of an exploratory project to see what will come after the wheels.

However, Hyundai has not announced plans to launch the car in the market, and hopes the company will eventually use its vehicle to help people with disabilities move in difficult rural or urban areas.

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