Huawei is moving to Russian-made software

Huawei is moving to Russian-made software

Russian Minister of Digitalization and Communication, Constantine Nuskov, discussed with Huawei, the executive director of China's Huawei, the possibility of Chinese smart phones moving to the Russian operating system "Afura".

On the sidelines of the Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The Bell newspaper quoted the sources as saying that the issue was also raised during a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his counterpart Xi Jinping.

According to information available to the sources, talks are continuing on the loading of the operating system "Afura" Russian based on the Finnish operating system Sailfish on Chinese smart phones that are currently using the operating system "Android" American-made and the registration of part of the devices, "Huawei" in Russia.

Sailfish is an operating system designed by the Finnish company Jolla, bought in 2014 by the Russian billionaire and the owner of the Russian telecom company, Gregory Berezkin, who in turn agreed with the Russian Ministry of Communication on the manufacture of the Russian mobile operating system.

Russia's Kommersant newspaper said the transfer of state-owned enterprises and enterprises to the operating system "Sailfish" would require monitoring 160 billion rubles (about 2.6 billion dollars) of state funds.

The Russian government hopes to move about 8 million Russian users to this operating system by 2021.

Source: Yandex


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