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How to try the new night mode for sites in Chrome on Android

How to try the new night mode for sites in Chrome on Android

Darker interfaces or night mode, are becoming more popular and feature required. This is not surprising, because it looks aesthetically beautiful, excellent for work at night or in dimly lit rooms, and even help to save the battery.
How to try the new night mode for sites in Chrome on Android
Google has added the night mode feature to many Android apps and will include them in the Chrome desktop version, and a similar feature is being tested in the mobile version of the browser.
Chrome Night Mode: This feature is available in a beta version of Chrome Canary.
In the Chrome Canary Demo settings for Android, the night mode key appears. Although the browser is officially unstable, this feature works well. Try it now and see how comfortable it is to read web pages at night. Here’s what you need to do.
Install Chrome Canary from Google Play.
Launch a browser and type in the address bar chrome: // flags.
Using the search line on the settings page, look for “android web content dark mode” – simply enter “dark mode”.
Then select enable.
Chrome Canary will be asked to restart – click Restart Now.
Now open any website (for example, Blog Professional), and you’ll see the Kid will look like the format in the new mode.
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