How to teach your child the risk of addiction during adolescence

Arabs Today - How to Teach Your Child of the Risk of Addiction During Adolescence

Statistics indicate that most people who are addicted to alcohol and drug abuse have started to deal with these lesions since adolescence, especially during the summer holidays.

This stage, which is sensitive and decisive in the life of any human being, undergoes a series of psychological and physical transformations that affect it, and makes it vulnerable to a range of risks if not dealt with in a way that helps to overcome this stage as it should.

The family and parents in particular play a pivotal role in preventing the adolescent from slipping into the maze of addiction and entering the youth threshold at a healthy pace.

In this article we will discuss the various practices that parents must do to help their children avoid falling into the trap of addiction.

Being present in your life Your teenager:

Do not consider the summer vacation a holiday to do your part as a mother, on the contrary, you should use this holiday to get closer to your children and make them feel your presence clearly in their lives. Adolescents resort to drugs and alcohol, especially if the circumstances of the family are going through a difficult period, such as a period of disagreement between the parents or divorce between them, or after migration from the surroundings of the adolescent and return to another environment is ignorant and even raises a set of questions that require the assistance of an adult to solve it in a way Sound.

Always take care to fill your child's psychic vacuum and walk smoothly, let him give you his worries and questions, his eyes on finding answers that heal his curiosity and fuel his curiosity.

The vacuum that fills the psyche of the teenager, if he does not find a keen keen eye working on the reconstruction of the mind, body and soul, will prey prey to every wind that deludes the future future young man in the mazes of addiction in all colors and types. Try to create a family atmosphere through private tea sessions and perhaps family dances, where you will discuss all the developments of your small family, so that you will pay even a little bit of the life of your child indulge in a virtual life beyond reach, and to avoid the whispers of bad friends.

Your constant presence and the sense of your child in his life is a good thing for you to understand the personality of your children from all walks of life and keep them away from bad things.

Encourage him to practice his favorite hobby:

Among the things that help push the ghost of a vacuum from the teenager's life encourage him to practice a useful hobby. The desire to practice the hobby should emanate from the psyche of the adolescent himself, and not imposed by the parents, so as to ensure continuity in them. The role of the parents is to guide the teenager and help him to discover the hobby that best suits his abilities and abilities.

The hobby is to give the adolescent child more space and greater potential to discover himself and to distinguish between his peers, and gives him a wide range to sharpen his abilities and develop his skills away from any scourge.
sports, stress and stress treatment:

If sport is of great benefit to adults and adults, its benefits are greater and more important for adolescents. Because sports help to keep stress and stress out of the child's life, as muscle activity stimulates the body to produce a group of hormones that get rid of tension.

A teenager may try to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol when he feels the stress of his chest, believing that these things will ease his burden and help him to overcome these psychological conditions, but it increases the pressures and problems rather than solve. sport is therefore an ideal solution to prevent a teenager from falling into the trap of drugs in order to push the tension and pressures that may disturb his life.

Take advantage of the summer holidays to organize group sporting activities, involving all members of your family to enjoy all of them.

Check your child's diet:

Try to make your teen's system healthier and more balanced. His addiction to certain foods, such as sugar, may lead to addiction to more dangerous and dangerous substances such as cigarettes and alcohol.

Teach your teenager about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, share information you have about it, and listen to his or her perceptions and beliefs. Ask him, for example, to delve into the research, and you also discuss the same thing and then discuss these things and identify recipes and food systems more appropriate. Why not? Share it with some dishes and meals if you like it.

Give it some privacy:

Do not play the role of policeman and spy in the lives of your children, tampering with their purposes and subject them to patrols from time to time. And know that the harassment of the teenager, and screaming at the face of each quarrel, are the main factors that lead adolescents to fall into the arms of cigarettes and alcohol as a refuge for the roughness of parents and excessive interference in all details of their lives.
If you discover your child's drug use, what should you do?

If you find out that your child has already started treating these lesions, you can consult psychologists to help you find the appropriate ways to deal with him in a manner consistent with his or her personality and psychology, so that you can help him get out of this whirlpool safely.

If the addiction is at an advanced level, you can resort to the addiction treatment clinics specialized in the treatment of cases of abuse of drugs and alcohol of various kinds, and may require that the child in the corridors of the clinic for a short period to recover completely from this lesion and requires the accompanying and accompanied by the family in After he has ceased to return to those ills.

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