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How to program your card using your Android phone only and without the need for a computer

The Arduino card is one of the programmable and open-source electronic components that have been widely distributed in recent periods. Through it, it is possible to manufacture a large number of amazing and innovative projects only through programming and integrating some electronic pieces. As we all know, it is programmed using a computer The USB ports of the computer and then send them the code to experiment in a realistic and simulator of the virtual program, of course a large number of people believe that this motherboard is programmed only through the use of the computer, but in the post today I will participate As a way you have not learned before, where you will be able to program the piece of Jordanians using your Android phone.

All you will need to do with the programming of the Arduino through the use of your Android phone is the OTG cable, which will replace the known USB cable, which will enable us to connect the card to the Android phone

Then you must download the application that plays the role of Arduino cc via the following link:

Once you have downloaded the application, open it and paste the code you want to try in the piece as shown in the image

Immediately after that, you can click on the indicated Thundermark to make sure there is no error in the code, and then upload it as in the image

You can also use a video that explains this annotated process in a coded and accurate way so that you can understand the explanation that I have shared with you in this post.
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