How to prepare cordon blue chicken with cream sauce

How to prepare cordon blue chicken with cream sauce

Ingredients of corden blue with cream sauce:

Kilo of chicken breast

Fruit of minced Roman pepper

2 teaspoons cinnamon

2 tbsp vinegar

Fine cup

2 big onion

3 Limons




2 eggs

2 cup crushed mashed potatoes

Large amount of oil for frying


1/8 kilo luncheon beef

Kg of cheddar cheese

Kilo Olives 1/8

How to prepare:

Add the onion water in a deep bowl, salt, pepper, vinegar, lemon juice, roman pepper and cinnamon, and stir them well, then put chicken breasts in the mixture and leave for two hours.

Then we start filling the chicken breasts with a piece of cheddar cheese, slice of lanchon, and two pieces of olives, wrap the chicken breasts on the stuffing, wrap it well, and control it by closing the open sides with toothpick. Then turn the chicken breasts wrapped in the flour and then put them in the eggs and cover them. Bake from all sides after seasoning with salt and pepper.

Heat the oil well on high heat and start placing the chords in the oil one carefully, and then temper the fire for fermentation on low heat.

And to work sauce cream balls beside the Kurds:

We bring small cut cut balls, 2 large butter pinned, and كوب cup of creamy bunny.

How to prepare:

Heat the butter in a small bowl over low heat, then add the diced balls and leave it on the fire for 7-8 minutes while stirring constantly, then add the cream and leave it to heat, and then serve the sauce with the blue chord.

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