How to prepare and prepare delicious manga Mousa

How to prepare and prepare delicious manga Mousa


– Cream powder: a bag
– Milk: half cup (cold liquid)
– Cream: 2 tbsp
– The Jelly: The Lemon
– Cream cheese: 6 pieces
– Water: half cup (hot)
– Gelatin: half teaspoon (powder)
– Mango: 340 grams (bag, frozen)
– Vanilla Cake: As desired (base, or Digestive biscuits ground with butter)
– Jelly: Bakiet (manga taste dissolved in the text of a cup of cold water and the text of a cup of hot water or a glass of manga juice mixed with a large spoon gelatin powder dissolved quarter cup hot water for the upper layer)

How to prepare
1. Grind the biscuits and mix with the butter or place a regular cake as a first dish with a cake cake.

2. Mix: Put the cream and milk mixer and mix to cohesion slightly and then melt the jelly with hot water and add manga, cream and jelly on the cream and mix until the homogeneity of the ingredients together.

3. Put the mixture over the biscuit or cake and enter the refrigerator to freeze.

4. The last layer: scabs jelly manga and placed on the last layer or possible to copy a glass of manga juice with gelatin on the fire to melt and add as a final layer.

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