How to prepare a tray of Akkawi potatoes

How to prepare a tray of Akkawi potatoes


1 Kilo Akkawi
2 big onion
2 Century Pepper Colors
2 medium potato fruit
2 fruits of medium islands
3 tomato fruit
Spoon tomato sauce
Black pepper
Nutmeg skin
Tom Tomatoes chopped
Corn oil


First, remove the aqawi in the onion with the tomato and a tablespoon of oil on the fire and then add the water. When the water is reduced, until the macaroni is cooked, add spices and salt.

Cut onions and tomatoes in small pieces and put them in a bowl with a little oil turn for 5 minutes then add tomatoes and chopped pepper and then spoon the sauce slightly stir and then add potatoes and carrots.

Mix the vegetables with coke and put it on fire for 5 minutes and then set in a tray Birex and enter the oven medium temperature for 15 minutes to be completed maturity with vegetables and take a color on the face,
And felicitously and labrum.


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