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How to make your site or blog send a notice to people when posting any new topic to increase visitors

Everyone knows that the owners of the sites spend a lot of money in the ads or improve the results of the site in the search engines, but the results remain limited, because the visitor when entering the site may not return to him again for any reason in this article will learn a wonderful strategy to send An icon asks the visitor to sign up for new topics and posts without disturbing him or inviting him to subscribe to a mailing list or a request to enter a mail. All people are afraid to enter the email so that the owner of the site does not disturb the offers of sale or purchase or other.

This is all shortened to the site of Foxpush, which will be able to get the code you add to your blog and this code will send an alert to each new IBI entered your site to ask him to subscribe to get the new articles without requesting his email.
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Website URL: foxpush
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