How to Make Vegetable Nuggets

How to Make Vegetable Nuggets

Ingredients of the mixture:

1 cup peas.
1/4 suspended salt.
1/2 small hanging black pepper.
1 finely chopped garlic.
Little latency.
1/2 baking soda.
frying oil .

Steps of Vegetable Nuggets:

If frozen vegetables are used, leave them for at least one hour before use, but if fresh, preferably fresh, cut them immediately.

Pot the potatoes, add the vegetables and spices together, and begin to knead the dough, but before forming it, taste to see if it needs spice or not. In this step you can add 2 tablespoons of cheddar cheese to the potato mixture.

Pour the mixture into medium sized balls.

Steps of the mixture:
Snack to make vegetable nuggets with chickpea flavor 5
Snack to make vegetable nuggets with chickpeas flavor 6
Snack to make vegetable nuggets with chickpea flavor 7

Heat the pan with frying oil at 320 ° F.

Add the ingredients of the mixture with you and dunk the dough balls that are with you well.

In this step, put the vegetable balls in the oil with your hands and cook for 1 or 2 minutes until the color turns to golden color until the cheese melts.

Now you can offer it and enjoy it ..

Note You can increase the amount of mashed potatoes you can add and also bread crumbs for the mixture.

Why did we choose this recipe?

We put the vegetable nuggets recipe, because vegetables have more benefits you can get. Health reports said that by increasing the intake of vegetables, the health benefits that he enjoyed are increasing. It is recommended to consume 2-6 cups fresh vegetables every day. Also make sure to take 4-5 different types of vegetables to make more variety in the diet. Here are the benefits of vegetables in detail:
Benefits of eating vegetables:

Contains a high amount of water:

Vegetables with a high content of water, which is why they are fat free and contain a low amount of calories. You can simply relax on your weight by simply eating vegetables in your diet. In addition, the amount of water in the vegetables helps to get rid of toxins in the body.


Leafy vegetables have a high magnesium content and are therefore useful for diabetics. If you eat leafy vegetables every day, you reduce the risk of diabetes. In addition, vegetables are rich in iron and calcium.


Vegetables generally contain a high percentage of vitamins. It contains a high percentage of vitamin K which protects against the risk of bone diseases and is an essential ingredient for the production of osteoclane, a protein necessary for strong bones. In a study, paper vegetables are said to significantly protect women from hip fractures.

Beta Carotene:

Leafy vegetables contain a high proportion of beta-carotene, which improves the health of the immune system. In addition to lycopene and vitamin A which helps protect against vision problems. And when the lack of the amount of vegetables that can lead to blindness, especially in children.

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