How to convince a husband by the name you want for your child

Arabs Today - How to convince a husband by the name you want for your child

For many months I was quarreling with my husband, family and neighbors about my son's name. My husband left me few names to choose from. He preferred traditional names and I loved renewal and strange names. I did not imagine that I would make a decision unless the nurse asked me after birth When I said to her, "Solomon," she said: "Ah, Solomon was named after Sultan Sulaiman." With the breaking of the Seine and the Illusions, and as a result of her pronunciation of the name in the wrong way, she retreated from the name and chose Hamza in the end.

Tales and disagreements over the names of children may reach the parents' boycott of the mother and father. It may even lead to divorce if the father rejects the name chosen by the mother. The mother carries the burden throughout the pregnancy months because she is dissatisfied with the name chosen by the father and tries to convince him to change his mind. no avail. Well, I'll help you convince your husband to turn his mind and choose a name you would like to be happy with.
Is it worth it?

If you insist on this name that you have chosen, is it worth having a fight with your husband? And with all these names in the world, do you really want that name to create a problem between you and your husband. If your husband insists on rejecting this particular name, try choosing a different set of names that you like and make them choose from.

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Do not rejoice in achieving simple victories in some situations, because if you do so and do not justify your husband's anger or displeasure, it will affect your relationship in the long run. You may find him ten years later complaining that you are so authoritarian that you named your child without paying attention to his opinions and feelings.
Try this method

Make sure he does something that he really wants. Of course, I do not mean special foods or something like that, but it's great and your husband wants it, like a piece of furniture he wants to buy or travel with friends, and I agree with him to agree to the name you chose for your child. .

Learn the art of listening

It may be that you are holding a name or rejecting the name chosen by your husband as a reason why you do not listen to him and do not understand how he feels. If you focus on what he says and say to him: "I understand how you feel and respect your desire completely," and then reviewed the reasons for your rejection of a name, you may be convinced in your opinion and become more receptive to your words, and to me that your rejection of the chosen name has nothing to do with taste or rejection of his person, Taste and choices, because he may feel that your rejection of the name means rejection of his person and feel Ttsvik for his opinion.

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Discuss your husband and think with him

If your husband refuses the name you chose, ask him to offer you several alternatives. The reason for his objection or holding him in a name may be because he is very dangerous and does not know many choices. Think with him and find an online book or buy a booklet of names for boys and girls. on him.
Here are some ways that might help you agree on a name:

Write to you and your husband the best five names for each of you, and exclude the names that you reject and leave that you wish.
Remind the entire name and repeat it several times, so that you can see how well the whole name is in harmony with each other.
Imagine the name on a big person, and the impression that this person will leave once he has identified himself to you.

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What is the solution if you are unable to choose a name you would like to meet?

We asked someone else to please him and to involve him in the matter.
Make a lot, and leave it to fate.
Ask the question on Facebook, for which name any more sounds taken.
I agree with him that he will call this child, and leave you fattening the second child.

Whatever the name you choose for your child, you will love him because he will later connect with your son. Remember that each of you has the right to choose the child's name and consent.

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