How to climb the largest plateau in Saudi Arabia

How to climb the largest plateau in Saudi Arabia How to climb the largest plateau in Saudi Arabia

How to climb the largest plateau in Saudi Arabia is our gift to lovers of climbing sport, where climbing mountains and plateaus are fun things to do during your trip, but among the serious things to take care of, and today we will give you an article on how to rise the largest plateau in Saudi Arabia Follow us.

The largest plateau in Saudi Arabia:

  • The largest island in Saudi Arabia is the plateau of Najd, which is located in the geographically isolated region of the Arabian Peninsula. The plateau borders from the north a sandy desert and Nafud on the west side.
  • The plateau is divided into three areas south of Najd, the original home movement of the company Sa Ruler "Muhammed (the main city, Riyadh), an agricultural district in the center of Najd (the main city, Onazi), Mount Shamar in the north (the main city, Hail), and because of its geographical isolation, we did not find other than the other regions in the Gulf and the Arabian Sea vulnerable to European colonialism.
  • Najd is the largest plateau, not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the world. The area of ​​the plateau is about 480,000 km 2 and the plateau is composed of Consists of two main parts: the eastern part, the first part, consisting of sedimentary rocks, sand rocks and limestone.
  • This part includes the section of the Tuaiq Mountains, which is the basis of Najd plateau. As for the western part, it consists of crystallized and transformed rocks. In this section, the Shamar Mountains unite. The height of the plateau is about 762-1524 m above sea level, In the direction from the west to the east.

How to climb the largest plateau in Saudi Arabia:

The climbers do not know exactly what rules or standards should be known before doing this sport. One of the consequences of this risk to life depends on the variation in climbing techniques. Some climbers prefer a light and fast approach, so they are less concerned than the reckless. Your climbing style, there are some tools that must be available during mountain climbing and you can not do without.

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The first step:

The first step Before you develop this process you must find a qualified guide, where you can find a certified instructor to teach the hills, and the Real Open School offers a range of mountain climbing lessons, or you can contact local climbing organizations or gymnasiums to teach.

The second step:

Climbing has a wide range of disciplines that require different types of equipment and training.

Your choice of climbing technique also helps to identify the ways you can climb as a beginner, so you will begin to climb first in the low places of the Plateau Plateau. Training in a climbing gym is also required. Many colleges and public entertainment centers have a wall or a top Beginners where they can experience the inner climbing of the upper rope or rock climbing.

The interior climbing hall offers many advantages for beginners including:

  • It is an easy to reach place and does not depend on the weather to practice this sport.
  • You can climb in areas where outdoor climbing sites are not available.
  • Allows you to experience sports using leased equipment before you invest it yourself.

The third step:

The last step is how to climb the largest plateau in Saudi Arabia. If you have tried the gym or are following the climbing school, the equipment is usually provided because some sports clubs or guides require buying a few pieces of mountain climbing equipment. Complete your climbing equipment so you can do the exercise.


Always check the gear before climbing, whether you own or lease it, because repeated use will inevitably lead to some wear and tear.

We know how to climb the largest plateau in Saudi Arabia and for proper climbing, the following tools must be available.

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Tools for climbing:


Wear unrestricted clothing. Your clothes should be a bit wide. They should absorb sweat and dry quickly so that they stay warm and comfortable while climbing. If you are climbing a plateau in winter, you should wear proper clothing.

Rock Climbing Shoes and Highlands:

Climbing shoes work to protect the foot while maintaining no friction, where your ability to climb is linked and where both climb the right shoe selection factors and appropriate.

Rock shoes should fit comfortably but not painfully narrow.

Climbing helmet:

When climbing outdoors you should always wear a helmet specially designed for climbing. The climbing helmets are designed to protect the head from falling rocks and debris, some are designed to provide protection in the event of a fall. However, they are not generally worn in a climbing gym because they are used In special cases.

The helmet size should be comfortable so that it feels comfortable while wearing it, and it fits comfortably but not too tight, because the helmets are usually a hard shell and a slightly sharp internal binding system.

Climbing belt:

When climbing must be using the special belt The belt may consist of two parts:

Waist belt:

It connects above the hips and must fit with the size to be comfortably.

Leg rings:

One ring revolves around each leg, many stores offer adjustable or removable leg rings

So that your belt allows you to connect the cord securely and effectively.

All seatbelts have two specially designed front bends, one on the waist and one in the leg. The appropriate belt model may depend on the type of climbing you are planning.


Chalks are used when climbing, such as gymnasts. Climbers use chalk to improve their grip because it absorbs sweat from the hands and reduces environmental impact, so it is good to use chalk that matches the color of the rock you climb. The chalk should be carried in a small bag and placed on your waist. Light weight belt.

Pillay device:

This device is used to help control the rope, as this device increases friction in the case of falling and lower climber and push the rope gradually as the climber progresses and work to get off properly.

Climbing ropes:

There is no tool of these tools more important for the climber of the rope, so you should choose the right cord type for you and when you are ready to buy your rope read how to choose a climbing rope for details of rope types.

There may be two main categories of rope:


This rope is special for rock climbing and plateaus because it is flexible as it is designed to accommodate the falls at any time although the fall force can be very strong to the fact that this type works to alleviate the fall.


This cord is relatively solid, unlike the dynamic cord which is not flexible.

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In this article, we may know how to climb the largest plateau in Saudi Arabia and identify the tools that must be used when climbing. If you are thinking about doing this type of sport, check out this article.


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