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How to accelerate the movement of the mouse and solve the problem of weakness sensor because of its feet

We all know that the problem that makes a person tense and angry in the computer is the damage or lack of efficiency of one of its basic elements, for example lack of efficiency of the keyboard cause you hard to write In this new and exclusive post, we will address a solution to the problem of poor efficiency of the mouse to accelerate the movement of the mouse The most important element of the computer through which to play the games, so if you are interested in the reform of a very large follow this post.

First go to Ordinateur And then to Ouvrir le Panneau de configuration

Then change the offer to Grandes Icones

Then scroll down and click Souris or mouse

Then follow the instructions in the following picture:

Then restart the computer and you will notice a noticeable improvement in the operation of the mouse.
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