How many of France's most famous cities around the world

How many of France's most famous cities around the world how many of france's most famous cities around the world

How many of France's most famous cities around the world?, France is located along the Mediterranean Sea, the Manche Sea and the North Sea. It extends from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. The State of France contains Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. The State of France has a central, parliamentary system. You can learn more about How many of France's most famous cities around the world Through the site Cultural information.

How many cities in France?

France is characterized by the number of cities with fifty-six cities:

City of Paris

Is the official capital of France and is located in the north of France on the bank of the Seine. The city has a large population, unlike the rest of the cities. It is therefore the largest city in France in terms of population. It is a scientific, media, artistic and historical center of Europe. The French Revolution on the city's land is an important political center and is considered one of the most important tourist places in the world.

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City of Marseille

Is the second largest city in the population of France after Paris, and is located on the coast of southern France, where the city of Marseilles overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and it has one of the most important ports of France tourist, economic and commercial, the port of France, and has a large number of Arab community , And Islamists.

City of Lyon

Is the third largest city of France in the census, and is located between the cities of Marseille and Paris, located 470 km from the city of Paris, and 320 km from Marseille, and enjoys the city of Lyon in the textile industry, silk and rayon, All over the city, textile, spinning and dyeing companies. The city produces agricultural products and produces chemicals, electric and automotive industries.

City of Toulouse

This city is located in the southwestern part of the city of France, located on the Spanish border, and is the fourth city in terms of population density, and was called in the Andalusian era Tulosha,

City of Nantes

The city is located on the Loire River at the beginning of its estuary. It is located 50 kilometers away from the mouth of the Loire River at the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in the south-west direction of Paris, 342 kilometers away. It is 340 kilometers north of Bordeaux .

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City of Lille

The city is the fourth largest city in France in terms of population density, and it is known since the ancient name of the Isle and the city is located in the presence of commercial centers, where the city produces cars, petrochemicals, electronic devices, textile industry, the city has many factories of dyes, oil refining, And publishing.

The Louvre

It has the second largest port in France, and the city is located close to the Seine, located on the English Channel, and has a famous football club, Le Havre.

City of Saint-Etienne

Located in the center of France to the east, it is located in the central plateau in the region of Rhone-Alpes, located 60 kilometers from the city of Lyon to the south-west.


The city is the official seat of the European Parliament, located in eastern France, and the population density of the city is 274394 people.

City of Montpellier

The city is located between the city of Neem and the city of Beziers, located in the southern part of France, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea where it is located.

Bordeaux City

The city is located on the Garon River, close to the Atlantic Ocean in southwestern France. The city became under the control of Anabsa ibn Suhaim al-Kalbi in the Umayyad period.

City of Toulon

The city dates back to the Second Stone Age and is considered one of the most famous cities in the electronic equipment, paper and tobacco industry, fishing equipment, maps, shoes, shipbuilding, aviation and armament.

Grenoble city

Of the ancient French cities dating back more than 2000 years. In the time of the Italian wars, the French Revolution and the Second World War, their historical and military role emerged because they witnessed important historical events at the time. They are more important because of the increase in their industrial activity, the embrace of the Olympic Games for a long period of time, Such as the University of Grenoble, which includes the following disciplines: medicine, science and mathematics, rights, economics, social sciences, humanities and literature of various kinds and languages.

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This was an overview How many of France's most famous cities around the worldWhere you can find out the most important cities there are and many other cities such as: Angie, Dijon, Brest, Clermont-Ferrand, Amiens, Limoges, Rennes, Neem-Gard Tours, Saint-Denis, Villeurbanne, Metz, Besançon, Caen, Nantes, Poitiers, Creteil, Boulogne-Belancourt, Auln-Sous-Bois, Fort Doverans, Argantweil, Torquan, Monroe, Saint Paul, Avignon, Vitry-sur-Seine, Aix-en-Provence, Reims, Le Mans.


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