How do you find classic video games that remind you of your previous days?

Classic things give you a chance to come back over time … and maybe it's easier to come back than you expect.

Sixty-year-old video games were completed in October, starting from the history of Tennis for Two, developed by physicist William E. Smith. Highinbootham at the Brookhaven National Long Island Plant. These games have evolved considerably since then, and are of course more visual and complex, as well as provide for the possibility of multiple players.

– nostalgia for games

Sometimes, some wish to have time back to enjoy their favorite old games. But why would someone look for an old toy with primitive images and very ordinary movements? This desire does not exceed the feeling of nostalgia for children, just as it is the desire to read the book of pictures beloved again. For others, it is a way for their children to share some of their childhood.

Video game makers have noticed this trend. Nintendo has started selling old platforms loaded with its classic games, as did Atari, Sony and others.

But what about people who do not want to buy new devices? Here are the tools that will enable you to revisit your past with video games again and see if you still have the same skills.

Classic Games

> Find an old game for new devices. Many developers have moved the original game code to app stores for tablets and smartphones. For example, you can find Sonic's Hedgehog from Sega on any Android or iOS device, though you may have to pay a little money to play without annoying ads or to go into advanced stages.

Some companies with a rich archive have also released versions of their old games that can be run on their latest devices. For example, you can buy Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden and Omega Fighter for less than $ 10 for the Nintendo Sushic, the company's hybrid portable platform.

> Find old games in trendy gaming services. Gamers can find their old games, one-on-one and on-line gaming platforms such as Steam and GOG Galaxy, which have a larger archive (as opposed to 20) You can access almost 100 of Atari Volt's classics), but the platforms offer games that can run on Windows and Mac computers. Not all games are on all kinds of computer systems and the prices vary between games, but you can get your favorite games from the 1990s, such as Baldur's Gate for $ 20 and Star Wars: X-Wing for 10 Dollars, or EVE Online from 2013 for free).

– Internet Archive

> Visit the Internet Archive Group. If you have some spare time, place your own search engine at, the home of the Internet archive. Click on the programming code to access thousands of old games, many of which allow you to play on the same engine page with a keyboard or video game handle.

You may feel the response is a bit bad, so some games may be silent, but the images you see will bring you back to childhood. For tips, read the game's comments page (like clicking on the tab button to map the control) or take a look at the instructions posted by online game enthusiasts.

Among the headlines you will encounter is The Internet Arcade, which features classic games such as Defender Defender, Q * bert, and Console Living Room, 6300 games from different systems, such as Atari 2600, Kulikovision and original games from Sony Playstation.

– Simulation of operating systems

> Simulation of legacy operating systems. Even if you never throw away their old disks, you still have a chance to play even if you do not have a shareware to run them.

If you keep a Windows computer with a disk drive, downloading and playing games in Compatibility Mode is sometimes fine. If it does not work, you can replace it with a simulation program.

There are many kinds of simulators, such as DOSBox, open source for Windows, Mac and Linux, which is a common choice for old DOS games and running on modern devices. Dos Box also works with many games from »

But be careful, as the Internet is full of "old games" sites offering downloads, some of which contain malicious software. DOS game archives are users of free software, free programs and public programs.

On the other hand, the owners of the computer «Raspberry Pi») turn the latter into a classic gaming platform to avoid the incidence of any malicious programs.

– The Eighties Games

Pac-Man was launched in a video format for the first time in the 1980s and is still one of the most famous games even after the dominance of the smart phone era. Fortnite and Minecraft may be the dominant players in today's game world, but if you feel nostalgic and want a dose of the 80s, you can find Pac-Man on all the game platforms available on the market today. .

Google celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man, putting the yellow-headed character and the strange sound on its website in conjunction with its launch date in 2010. The popular Pac-Man also entered the world of Amazon's smart speaker, Alexa Today it contains an audio version of "Choose Your Own Adventure" entitled "Pac-Man Stories," which proves the classics' ingenuity in attracting a mass audience with each new generation.

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