How did Saudi Arabia overtake Turkey in Sudan?

How did Saudi Arabia overtake Turkey in Sudan?

"How did Saudi Arabia outweigh Turkey in Sudan?" In which it concluded that Riyadh understood the situation well in the country and exploited the gaps in it.

Mustafa Gurbuz said that Turkey's problem was that it had been "gambling in Sudan for a lame duck for a decade," because Omar al-Bashir's regime caused "dire economic conditions", while greedy warlords and world-class corrupt men ascended to the top Levels of power "in Sudan.

On the other hand, the Turkish writer found that the Saudis understood this well, and exploited the gaps in the "Sudan Bashir."

"Turkey's long silence after the coup d'état against Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir means a lot," said the report, adding that Ankara welcomed "close associates of Bashir who managed to escape to Turkey while supporting Sudanese street protests for democratic transition."

"Although Ankara's support for the regime against the demonstrators before the coup and support for the demonstrators after the coup may seem contradictory, Turkey's understanding that the Sudanese generals had shifted towards the Saudi axis was accurate, which makes Ankara's support for a civil government against The Sudanese army is strategically appropriate for the sake of Saudi Arabia and its allies. "

The writer also referred to what he called tolerating "the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the tyranny of Bashir because of the Islamist tendencies of the regime, which dates back to the coup in 1989, which Hassan al-Turabi blessed the view of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan."

The report noted that the Turkish investments offered to Khartoum in 2017 included "a new airport in Khartoum, a free trade zone in Port Sudan on the Red Sea, Turkish private sector investment in power plants, cotton production, silos and meat processing in Sudan." More importantly, To increase the volume of Turkish-Sudanese trade by about $ 10 billion and bought the right to rebuild the island of Suakin, which was a large Ottoman port from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century.Through plans to establish a Sudanese seaport to receive civilian and military vessels, Oh take advantage of the geographical location – political Sawakin as well as the tourism potential of the island, which will enable Muslim pilgrims to travel to the city of Jeddah by sea in the way of their journey to Mecca. "

The report found that Ankara was "over-estimating what Bashir could do under an increasingly corrupt and incompetent regime." Saudi Arabia reportedly collaborated with a senior Sudanese intelligence officer named Taha al-Hussein, who worked hard with others to oust Bashir.

The report concluded that Turkey is currently facing enough problems to deal with the latest developments in the Sudan, referring in particular to "the outbreak of a similar crisis in Libya, and to increase pressure in the Syrian province of Idlib."

Source: ahvalnews

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