Houthis: Future operations targeting 300 vital and military targets in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen

The Al-Houthi group said on Sunday that the May 14 attacks on two Saudi Aramco facilities would begin operations targeting 300 vital and military targets in the kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

A source in the Ministry of Defense of the Government of the Houthis in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, in a statement published by the agency "Saba" version of "Ansar Allah", "The operation of the ninth of Ramadan comes to launch military operations coming, targeting the armed forces Bank targets of aggression, including 300 A vital and military objective ".

The source added: "The operation is the first targeting our armed forces the first target in the list of goals announced in March, to remain within the bank targets 299 goals."

He explained that these targets include headquarters and military facilities and vital throughout the geography of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as well as facilities and headquarters and military bases of the aggression in Yemen.

The source pointed out that "the continuation of the aggression in killing the people of Yemen and the plundering of its wealth and siege and violation of sovereignty, means the continuation of the legitimate response to qualitative operations reflect the level reached by the military capacity of the army and the People's Committees in the framework of the implementation of the defense strategy."

The source also vowed that "every crime committed by the aggression against the Yemeni people will be met with a process of response," pointing out that "the time when the countries of aggression committed crimes without a proper and harsh response has passed."

He explained that "at a time when the cessation of aggression will stop all military operations of the army and the People's Committees."

"The cessation of the aggression against Yemen is a real introduction to reach a stage of peace and security is achieved by everyone and everyone. Yemen poses no threat to anyone and has no hostile intentions against neighbors at all."

On May 14, Saudi Arabia, which leads the Arab coalition operations in the Yemen war against the Houthis and in support of the internationally recognized government of the country, announced two oil transfer stations from the fields of the eastern region to the port of Yanbu on the western coast.

Source: Saba + Agencies

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