Highlights of new Twitter features

Highlights of new Twitter features

Twitter announced Monday that it has revised its e-mail application.

The tweets that they launched made the computer version more modern and compatible with smart phones and smartphones, experts at Twitter said.

One of the most important modifications to the user is to enable it to change the background color of the screen, and control the size and color of the font.

The new version also has a bar on the right side of the screen to display notifications and buttons that control the key features of Twitter, and to show message lists and profiles.

Twitter said that the new version has not yet reached all users, and will appear to them gradually, and those who want to get it manually follow the following steps:

– Go to the "Twitter" account on the computer.

– After entering you must go to the Settings menu.

– Click on the Try out the new Twitter option, after which the entire application interface will change.

The new update allows Twitter users to remove the traditional colors of the interface and to replace them with other colors such as green, orange, violet or pink, or to adopt the dark mode that will reduce the level of light emitted from the screen, and gives the user greater comfort while using the site at night or in Dark places.

Source: Agencies


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