Hiba Qutb stresses the need to reconsider the sex education of children

Hiba Qutb stresses the need to reconsider the sex education of children

The sexual health consultant Dr. Hiba Qutb stressed the importance of sex education for children, stressing that the numbers of rape of children are disturbing, according to a study issued by the Center for Social and Criminal Research.

Dr. Heba Qutb said in an exclusive interview with Al-Arab Al-Youm: "The incidents of rape and harassment of children in an increase and in the most safe places for the parents. This alarms the millions of mothers. It is necessary to reconsider the sex education of children. According to a study by the Center for Social and Criminal Research, 20,000 cases of harassment and rape occur in Egypt every year, 85% of the victims are children, 45% of cases of sexual violence are total rape and the child is not informed of the incident. 20% of the victims are killed, and here falls on the mother's education Since she can tell him that he should not change one of his diapers other than his father so that no one sees his sexual organs, and this programmed the child's mind since birth, especially that the child by the age of 6 months can distinguish the voice of his mother if he is angry or No, and therefore the child is able to implement the instructions of his mother not to approach any of the areas of nationality at the age of entry to kindergarten any year and a half.

Dr. Hiba Qutb added: "When the child enters the nursery on the mother to pay attention to one educator to be responsible for changing the child's clothes, and this helps to keep the child's brain programming not to know one of its members sexual, and then start the mother at this new stage to alert the child the need Not to go with strangers, and as an old age must be aware of the need not to hear the words of strangers or go with them anywhere and not allow strangers to touch at all to preserve the privacy of his body.

She added: "The friendship of children and openness between them and parents are short distances, and there is a safe space for the children in any form of violence against them even if harassment, the majority of cases of harassment and rape of children used by the offender ability to terrorize the child to expose the matter to his parents, In addition, safe spaces of dialogue allow children not to take information during adolescence from untrustworthy sources.

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