Here’s the best and most VR VR games of success for 2018

We hope that you will have the best and most successful virtual reality games, based on the statistics of the largest online gaming stores around the world that every virtual reality game geek should try out and review. As follows:


This game is completely war based on science fiction films where the story of the game centered on someone who is the last survivors of the demonic invasion of the Mars Research Foundation UAC and is now in a critical situation forced to fight space monsters and sophisticated robots free will to restore stability to the facility by any means Are necessary. Including a significant amount of violence. At the same time trying to survive and ensure the continuity of the human race and protect it from extinction game design and programming id software.

All I can say about this game is that it is based on an idea that is completely out of the Fund Almalouf entirely is an effort from the studio Gatae Games where the basic idea is built entirely on the use of your microphone Your personality has happened to wake up on a dark world full darkness and the only way to explore his way is through Use the echo of the sound emitted from the microphone and thus the darkness will disappear from him and will be dazzled by the way and the things that will help him to find a way out, a game of great magnificence and thrill.

At first glance, this game may seem familiar to you or have already played, but the truth is that it is a new idea from Sony is based on the idea of ​​a warrior and an adventurer trying to escape himself in a strange world completely and you as a player have two main tasks first to control the mouse and fight it and the second to By telling the story and making changes in the place around you until you find the solution to the puzzle, which will enable you to cross to the next stage and the game contains graphics and stunning simulation of reality in an exciting way will steal your breath.
Dear readers, we have reviewed the best virtual reality games for the month and the success of 2018 and we hope you have enjoyed reading this post.

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