Here's a "HATCH" custom tag for stylish pregnant wear

Today's Arabs - Here's the "HATCH" custom tag for stylish pregnant women

"Most of the pictures my mother had when she was carrying me in her stomach, always accompanied by embarrassing costumes, are very awful," says Mara Leighton, the fashion editor at Business Insider. "I can not believe that pregnant women had to wear them at the time."

"What I mean, of course, is that pregnancy clothes have always been unwanted, unattractive or exciting, often in the form of trousers jeans With a rubber waist or traditional dresses with a wide waist. "

"During pregnancy, the celebration of this new phase of life may be contrary to your identity, but you will only be able to come to this conclusion after spending the afternoon shopping to buy clothing that suits your needs.Denim The reason for this is that the design of clothing to change the body is a daunting task, and most traders are not tempted by the challenge. "

Inspired by Business Insider, the brand-new HATCH, a label for stylish pregnant women, aims to provide pregnant women with a choice of stylish and stylish choices that will make them feel real as they wear.

The brand was founded in 2011 by Arian Goldman, which emphasizes the ability of women to wear "HATCH" before, during and after pregnancy, a comprehensive approach based on the brand's website, which allows shoppers to see photos of clothes before, during, and after pregnancy, To see how they look during the postpartum period.

According to Gold Man, 25 percent of HATCH customers are not pregnant, but they are impressed by the easy brand style. You do not have to wear nine-month-old clothes and then store them in your wardrobe with no benefit. HATCH ", maternity clothes that look good, make you feel comfortable, do not look like they were addressed to a stranger but they fit you even after birth.

"I'm trying to make her beautiful and interesting, because this is what we used to be, and it should be the same, even after the change in the shape of our bodies during pregnancy," Goldman explained in 2016.

The new autumn 2018 collection offers stunningly large dresses, bohemian blouses, an endless list of clothes and effortless dresses as they wear. Prices range from $ 85 to $ 350, but most dresses come in between $ 150 and $ 280 , Prices that seem reasonable since you will not have to not take advantage of them or leave them in your wardrobe without benefit after pregnancy or in the third stage of pregnancy.

For decades, pregnancy clothes were not important to most retailers and designers, and the work was hard, and the clothes were not attractive. As a result, the market was saturated with few options that were hardly in the same neighborhood as the women.

Pregnant clothes, such as pants, dresses and shirts, need to be comfortable, but they unwittingly erase the person they wear. They address the problem of comfort without recognizing the identity of their wearers.

"HATCH" seems to be an exciting step in another direction, and thanks to its outstanding success, many customers will certainly be attracted to the brand. It is a great choice for pregnant women who are looking for stylish maternity clothes that can feel genuinely excited when worn like a rest. Their clothes.

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