Here are quick tips for fixing your damaged hair to sparkle at night

The Arabs Today - Here are quick tips to treat your damaged hair to sparkle at night

Every girl dreams of a long life and wonders what her appearance will look like on that day. There are many options for her to imagine, and she will be able to implement them all, especially since the tasks of preparation go one by one.

After finishing the house and booking the room, she starts looking for the wedding dress. When she chooses, she moves on to think about the "hairstyle" that suits her hair, and Make-up, And they are keen to harmonize with each other.

Unfortunately, some girls do not care about their hair, appearance, and touch, but they remember when their wedding is approaching Poetry "Girl's crown", so looking for the appropriate and quick means to take care of it.

Tips for Your Wedding Day Beauty

For bridesmaids .. Inspire your hairstyle of the world stars

Do not worry dear, hair stylist Saif Al Hamwi, offers you a range of tips to take, to get a "distinctive" look of your hair.

The girl drink plenty of water a month before the wedding, and take some vitamins such as: zinc and iron, in addition to the use of types of shampoos and masseurs that suit the type of hair to increase the brightness, and becomes soft, so that helps to get a beautiful "hairstyle" This is your special day.

It is not advisable for any bride to make any new change shortly before her wedding, not dye a strange color or a specific story, this step must be submitted to it at least a month and a half or a month, because any hasty decision in this period will notify you of regret if not appropriate .

Do not follow the latest fashion in the hair hairstyle, but choose what suits your face and skin, so consult the hairdresser about it, then make the right decision.

The bride's hairstyle should be appropriate to her face and commensurate with the wedding dress.

"Modern" hairstyles that go to simplicity can be adopted and show the bride's upbringing on her wedding day.


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