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Here are 3 platforms that give you special sections to download great free games on your computer

Do you want to play fantastic games without paying and not a single cent? So you have two options: the first is to take the twisted path and resort to Internet piracy for video games, the second where you can stay within the law and enjoy free games

Most likely you will not be able to download legally traded games like Civilization V, Grand Theft Auto V or Destiny 2 for free? But make sure you find at least one free game that you can enjoy on 3 platforms to download great free games.


Is the preferred destination for digital gaming. Although customer support is often frustrating and you rely on the hope that Steam over the coming years will improve its customer service, many users feel that choosing Steam’s massive video game is worth the risk.

For free games on Steam, jump to the section Free to Play section of Steam You can filter by type, category, features, and OS, and you can also view new, most common, and closest-to-download versions by time, or you can narrow them by using the search term

You will enjoy Steam with up to 3200 fun games and 133 full days of entertainment, an average of one hour each day if you play a game. Many of these games are fantastic, including Dota 2, Paladins, Brawlhalla, Duelyst, Path of Exile and Warframe

You can also see the section Demos section of Steam , Which now boasts more than 2,400 demo games so you can try to figure out whether the full game is worth spending money on


Until the renaissance of independent games in late 2000, indie games had a bad reputation for not killing time, and boring time. At present, Indie Games are one of the best games on the market today. Think only of Tinta Games: Undertale, Path of Exile, Braid, Spelunky, and Binding of Isaac – all of these games are designed by developers or small development teams.

We are starting to see more independent high quality games on the market, which is why is a great platform. It specializes in independent games, paid and free, and has grown considerably since its inception in 2013

3- GOG:

There are many reasons why you may want to buy games on Steam, but the biggest reason is that Steam Games have DRM or so-called Digital Rights Management (DRM), a system that restricts the playback or playback of digital materials on a computer or music and movie playback devices. So why do you close Steam or block your account for any reason ??? , You’ll lose access to all the games you’ve purchased.

That is why many players prefer to use the GOG platform on Steam. It’s a game distribution platform like Steam, but all of its games are DRM-free – and your games are not tied to your GOG account. So even if the GOG is turned off, you’ll still have access to the games you’ve downloaded. Most games on GOG are also playable on Linux. Wonderful.

The downside is that the size of the GOG library is not even close to that of Steam. The GOG library has a total of just over 2,700 games, and the GOG section has only about 70 games to date


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