Health An awareness campaign is launched on abusive practices in laboratories

Health An awareness campaign is launched on abusive practices in laboratories

The Ministry of Health has launched its awareness campaign on harmful practices in health laboratories.

The health control campaign will start early this week. Health published through its twitter account Infographic, which showed the most prominent violations in health laboratories: "the absence of a statutory license or the termination of the institution, the absence of a license for the practitioner or the end, Control of infection and medical waste, and failure to apply correct laboratory procedures such as "incomplete equipment, basic medical materials and maintenance, finished materials, poor sample preservation", as well as laboratory activity such as conducting tests not covered by the laboratory license. Minimum Of cadres.

The penalties will include imprisonment of up to six months for a practitioner, a fine of 100,000 rials and 150,000 riyals for the health establishment, as well as withdrawal of the license of the practitioner and the institution.

It is worth mentioning that the supervision and inspection are of great importance to ensure the application of the provisions of the regulations and regulations to maintain the safety and safety of the service provided to the patient through periodic follow-up through the inspection committees in all regions of the Kingdom and through interaction with the members of the community through the number 937, The Ministry takes the necessary corrective measures to remedy any deficiencies in the health service provided in the private health sector and shall apply the sanctions if necessary.

Health has established the Compliance Assistance Agency and has been mandated to continue to adhere to health systems and ethics in the public and private health sectors. These measures are a continuation of health development to improve oversight and raise the level of commitment in the health sector.

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