Hamas calls on Fatah to work together to face Bahrain workshop and "Deal of the Century"

hamas calls on fatah to work together to face bahrain workshop and "deal of the century"

The head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, on Tuesday, the readiness of the movement to meet the President of the State of Palestine and the leadership of the Fatah movement in Gaza or Cairo, or anywhere, in order to achieve Palestinian reconciliation.

This came in a speech to Haniyeh during the Palestinian National Conference to confront the deal of the century and the rejection of the Bahrain Conference in Gaza City, under the slogan "Together and Soya until liberation and return"

Haniyeh called on the Fatah movement to forget the past and to hold the interim leadership framework in accordance with the Cairo agreement in 2005, stressing the need to work together to build a national strategy to confront the century deal based on the insistence on steadfast adherence to all the constants of the Palestinian cause, With Jerusalem as its capital on the entire Palestinian national territory.

Haniyeh called for the formation of a government of national unity, "running our affairs, preparing for presidential and legislative elections and a Palestinian national council."

The head of the Hamas political bureau said that the Palestinian people are rising today as part of a "political revolution" against the Bahrain conference, stressing that the Palestinian people will not delegate anyone to compromise, compromise or compromise.

He pointed out that the Bahrain conference is a political economic cover designed to prepare for the liquidation of the Palestinian issue and give the green light to the occupation to extend its control over the entire West Bank and open the door for normalization between the Arabs and Israel.

He added: "The deal of the century and the Bahrain conference is not a threat to the Palestinian people is capable of failing," pointing out that the Palestinian position today unified for the first time in years in the face of what he slapped with the deals Safsawi.

Source: Sama News

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