"Halal slaughter" is the focus of a US-European dispute!

"Halal slaughter" is the focus of a US-European dispute!

The US anti-Semitic envoy criticized the authorities of European countries which prohibit the slaughter of livestock according to the religious method, allowing the killing of cattle exclusively by methods that do not expose them to pain.

Both religions, Islam and Judaism, allow the animals to eat the meat of animals that are slaughtered from their necks in full awareness, unlike in some European countries, where animals are "numb" before slaughter, so as not to feel pain.

Speaking at the General Conference of the Union of European Rabbis in Belgium, US envoy Ilan Carr described European legislation on slaughter methods as "shameful."

Carr said the legislation was a "forced expulsion" of Jewish communities in those European countries, when he spoke of the authorities' ban on Jewish slaughter, known in Hebrew as "shechitah".

It should be noted that most European countries have introduced legislative exceptions to Muslim and Jewish communities, allowing them to slaughter livestock "in a halal manner."

For example, cattle can only be slaughtered in the Islamic and Jewish way, in Austria, in specific and licensed slaughterhouses, provided that veterinarians supervise the slaughter.

On the other side, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Slovenia are barring any exceptions to the "slaughter of halal" slaughterhouses, while recently joining the group, the Belgian province of Flanders.

The criminalization of the Flanders boycott of "halal slaughter" has been a resounding response to Muslim and Jewish communities, considering such a measure to be "religious discrimination" and initiating lawsuits against the new legislation in Belgium.

Source: Sputnik News

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