Google's premier home helper

google's premier home helper

Google's home helper is now one of the most popular gadgets on which many rely, and an essential part of everyday life.

The most prominent e-services that can be provided by this smart tool to the user:

Listen to news and music:

Google's home helper can be used to listen to news or music online, where a user can direct a voice command to the device to play a specific song in YouTube or a particular type of music, or read news headlines on a particular website.

Know the weather:

A Google user can direct a voice command to the assistant and ask him about the weather in the place or city where he lives, so that the helper will communicate with Google applications and bring that information to the user.

Using the Assistant as an Alarm:

This gadget can be used as an advanced alarm to wake you up in the morning, and the advantage is that you can stop the alarm tone via voice commands without having to get out of bed.

See the latest movies:

One can direct voice commands to Google's home assistant and ask him about movies in cinemas, search the Internet assistant and broadcast information in detail to the user.

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