Google Steam to broadcast video games from Google Chrome without the need to download


We can not deny the fact that there has been a tremendous improvement in broadcast technology. Businesses are making efforts to enable consumers to access content easily through the broadcast. Whether you want to stream video or music, you simply need to visit your favorite broadcast service and watch and listen to the content you want.


However, there are one limit that has been elusive for many companies. Is broadcasting games. However, Google is trying to fill this void with a new solution known as Project Stream. This solution is designed to help Google Chrome users stream video games through this browser.

Google Stream

For many, this may seem impossible, especially when looking at the technical aspects of video games. However, you should expect anything through Google. It has all the resources needed to achieve this technology.

Please note that this broadcast service is not close to Twitch. You will not broadcast your own video when playing video games on your device. Instead, Stream will enable players to play video games through the Google Chrome browser. In other words, you do not need to download a video game and save it to the drive on your device. Everything will happen on your browser with the support of a seamless internet connection of around 25 MB and above.

One solution that Project Stream is expected to meet is storage space requirements. Most video games rely heavily on hardware. They require large storage space, which in some cases may exceed 100 GB. Because the streaming service will be available online, there will be no need for players to worry about storage space. The project also intends to explore the possibilities of going out with games that allow players to play through the subscription service. This can be a big boost for gaming companies that want to reduce hardware cost.

Caching response time

When we talk about webcasting, there are problems with cloud technology that we can not avoid talking about. Namely: caching response time. While you may feel comfortable with a few seconds of buffering when watching movies or streaming music, your feelings will definitely change when it comes to games. These two problems can have a negative impact on the gaming experience.

Upstream aims to reduce response time, especially when high-quality video games are broadcast. Should not reduce the quality of graphics in the game. You can see one of the experiments of this technique in the video below:

To ensure that end-users have a workable solution that will improve the gaming experience, Google has decided to collaborate with Ubisoft. The company agreed to organize the game: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on Google Chrome. Players are invited to test this game on Google Chrome browsers.

Google is not the first company to enter live games. Other gaming companies like NVIDIA are testing similar products. If successful, the project will boost the level of innovation in the video game industry, where creators with resource constraints will be able to deploy their video games. It will also make more video games available to fans of game enthusiasts around the world.


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