Google recognizes and confirms: Dark mode keeps your phone battery and makes it last longer without charging it Here’s how to activate it

We have seen for some time how many operating systems and applications decided to choose the dark state of their interfaces. This has become commonplace and some Google apps have also started to launch the dark situation. After several months we saw that the YouTube has also added to the application where the application can now be used with a facade in which the color is black and the colors are very dark. This situation not only has the aesthetic and healthy function of your eyes, it is also very good for not aBattery consumption, this is confirmed by Google.

At some point in Dev Dever’s presentation, Google told us that the dark situation could be too great for our patriarchs. I did it by a simple comparison where we can see the total cost of mAh using the dark mode and without it.

At 50% brightness in normal mode the battery initiates 93mAh, while in dark mode consume only 80mAh. This means that you will save 16%, although it may not be great, it doubles if we use the app for a longer time or this mode is activated all day in several applications.

The thing is more interesting when the screen brightness is 100%. In this case about 230mAh is consumed in normal mode while less than 100mAh in dark mode. It is a great savings that will make you rethink the activation of this dark color interface for the application of YouTube and other applications.

So activate the dark mode to save some battery in your phone. If you activate it throughout the day and in all applications that you provide, we assure you that you will notice the difference.

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