"Google" protects the inventor of Android accused of sexual harassment

Google today protects the Android inventor accused of sexual harassment

The company "Google"Wonderful farewell to Andy Rubin, inventor Android software Android "for mobile phones, when he decided to leave the company in October 2014, when Larry Page, CEO of the company, said in a statement," I give Andy the best in everything that is coming, "adding," The Android system created something really wonderful not Can be forgotten, where there are more than one billion users of the program happy now. "

The New York Times reported that Google did not say anything, that one of the employees accused Robin of sexual harassment and wanted to have a relationship with her out of wedlock and forced her to have sex with him in a hotel room in 2013, Two executives in the company were aware of the incident, but declined to give their names, but confirmed that Google had conducted an investigation that proved the credibility of the lady, was informed Robin, and asked him to resign.

The company could have expelled Rubin, without paying compensation, but instead received a $ 90 million reward over four years when he left Google, founded his own technical company, and Rubin was one of three Google executives, over the past decade, have paid millions of dollars when they left the company, and although there is no legal obligation to do so, Google's executive has remained silent on charges against men.

The New York Times received corporate and court documents and spoke to more than 30 current and former Google employees about the charges, including people who are directly aware of what happened. Most of them asked not to be identified because they are bound by secret agreements or fear of retaliation, The strange thing about Rubin's case is that Google paid millions and was silent during his departure in mysterious circumstances.

Sam Singer, a spokesman for Rubin, objected to Rubin's misbehavior during his job at Google, saying he left the company on his own. "The New York Times story contains a lot of inaccuracies about my job," Robin said in a statement after the publication. "Google," as well as excessive exaggerations of my reward, specifically, did not force a woman to have sex in a hotel room, these false allegations are part of a defamation campaign of my ex-wife for my demise during the battle of divorce and custody. "

Robben's departure from Google after an improper relationship was reported, and the disclosure of its nature and financial conditions, was not intended to protect Google's own interests. The company avoided legal and costly legal battles and prevented it from working for competitors as part of the separation agreements. "We are investigating and taking action, including termination of the contract, and in recent years, we have taken a particularly tough line on any inappropriate behavior from Before people in power positions, we do For hard to maintain how we deal with this kind of behavior. "

"We are committed to ensuring that we are committed to ensuring that we are committed to ensuring that we do not receive any financial rewards," said Sander Pichai, chief executive officer of Google. "Google is a workplace where you can feel safe to do your best, and also apply the severe consequences to anyone who behaves inappropriately."

Some people inside Google said the measures were not enough. "When Google deliberately covers and passes harassment, it creates an environment that does not feel," said Lisa Fung Jones, a Google engineer for more than a decade and an activist on workplace issues. Where people are safe in reporting bad misconduct, staff complain that nothing will happen, or worse, men will get paid and women will be pushed aside. "

Google was founded in 1998 by Mr. Bidge and Sergey Brin when they were graduate students at Stanford University and promoted a relaxed workplace culture from the very beginning. In Silicon Valley, Bideg was known to have been associated with Marissa Mayer, The company, which later became Yahoo's CEO, was both unmarried. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, had a relationship with a mistress at work, and Breen was also out of wedlock with a female employee in 2014 , And Gevig C. Dermond, who joined the company as a consultant in 1997 2002, he had a relationship with Jebanfar Blackley, former contracts manager in the legal department, but then denied the relationship, according to Blackley, but Google moved after the investigation, David left the legal department, and was transferred to the sales department, but left in 2007 , And the company asked her to sign papers stating that she voluntarily left her post, and signed concessions.


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