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Google Play lets you now experience paid games without downloading

Google has announced several new developments at the Playtime conference, which brings together developers and experts to discuss the latest updates and dynamics to be implemented in some of its products.

Google Play Instant, the way Google announced in March that lets you test games and Google Play apps without installing them. Of course it is an interesting option but includes only those free applications.

Now this option also opens the possibility for users to also test premium content. In other words, we can test upcoming releases in paid apps or games, because this option will be added to the side of the purchase button as seen in the image below:

We just choose Try Now “Test now”, and we will have a game or application paid for a limited trial, to test its dynamics and see if it meets our expectations before deciding to buy them.

Google mentions some options already available under this dynamic, for example, Umiro, the DevolverDigital game, and also A Mundo de Locos, from Scopely, which has not yet been released but is in pre-registration, and other games.

It’s an interesting option, both for users who can experience content before buying it, and developers who will have a new resource to create an audience and encourage them to test their products without paying a single fils.

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