"Google" dismiss 48 of its employees on allegations of sexual harassment

Today, Google dismisses 48 employees on allegations of sexual harassment

The company "Google"Forty-eight people, including 13 senior managers, have been charged with allegations of sexual harassment since 2016. In a letter to employees, Paul Bechai, the company's chief executive, said Google would follow a" tough policy "about inappropriate behavior.

The letter came in response to the report "The New York Times"Andy Rubin, one of the designers of the Android operating system, received a service settlement of $ 90 million despite allegations of misconduct, the newspaper said a spokesman for Rubin denied the allegations.

Rubin resigned from the company in 2014, and the newspaper said he had been bid farewell to "farewell heroes".

The Bechai message said the New York Times was "hard to read," and that Google was "very serious" about providing a "safe and welcoming work environment".

"We would like to assure you that we review every complaint about sexual harassment or misconduct, investigate and take action," the letter added.

Google's Alavate, which owns Google, dropped more than 3 percent on the New York Stock Exchange after posting $ 33.7 billion in revenue for three months to September, slightly below analysts' expectations, but the company's net profit rose sharply. From $ 2.5 billion to $ 9.2 billion, much higher than expected.


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