Google and Wikipedia agree to translate articles into all languages ​​using Google Translate

Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization run by Wikipedia, joined Google as part of a partnership to provide editors with new tools to make articles available in many languages.

As described in An article from the official blog of the Foundation , The primary objective of the Organization is for all knowledge of the world to be available free of charge and in the language of their choice. That's why, through partnership with Google, they are looking to provide users with the best in artificial intelligence from the Google Translate service to translate articles and respond to a request that has been requested by users for a long time.
So far, Wikipedia has used the automatic translation tool for content along with other types of translation systems, such as Apertium, which have translated about 400,000 articles on the platform. However, with the benefits that Google's translation technology can offer, this number of articles can grow exponentially.
On the other hand, the other advantages that Google Translator can provide are new languages ​​that are not yet contained, such as Hausa, Kurdish, and others
Finally, another important detail is that the agreement provides that each article translated under this technology will be published under a free Creative Commons license, and that personal data will not be shared with users with Google or Wikimedia. This agreement will be valid for one year, With the possibility of canceling the contract for any reason at any time.

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