Good news: Windows 10 Home will finally allow us to stop updates

Windows 10 Home is a version of the company's flagship Redmond-based operating system for home users. Unlike Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise designed for corporate use, some functionality is disabled or can not be used.
Windows 10 Home will finally provide an option to temporarily stop updates. This feature will come with the next version of Windows 10 in April 2019.

Until now, users who have Windows 10 Home installed on their computers do not have the ability to turn off official updates to the operating system. Microsoft releases monthly update patches that the system installs without the user being able to determine anything about them. This has caused some problems with barchat that later proved to be problematic or ended up blocking your computer.
In the latest version of Windows 10, version 19H1, available in Windows Insider, users found this new feature. Windows 10 Home users can now turn off updates for up to 7 days. It's not like what happens in Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, but it's at least a good way to control the latest updates that access your computer.

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