Gold tips help you lose heartburn during pregnancy

The Arabs Today - Gold tips to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy

Heartburn is one of the annoying symptoms of a pregnant woman, who is concerned about the moment of pregnancy. She begins to think about how to reduce her until the pregnancy ends. Rumors about her causes and treatment have been rife. The burning remains troublesome though, and you should find the most important foods that reduce her.

Dietitian Dr. Maha Radi chose these foods that are forbidden and allowed to reduce stomach burning during pregnancy:

• Eat raw almond, pineapple and celery also throughout the day
• Eat salted crispy biscuits in the early morning before moving from bed so that the stomach does not start to release acidic acid that causes nausea and heartburn
• Distance from spices in food
• Distance from ketchup and ready-made sauces
• Do not eat and sleep immediately
• Reduce acidic foods such as citrus fruits
• Reduce the boiling of medicinal herbs because some reduce nausea, but increases the estrogen, which presages abortion
• Prohibited herbs: Shomr, which contains a high percentage of estrogen, can be used in the last month of pregnancy only.
• Chocolate and coffee are also prohibited
• Chewing gum does not reduce heartburn

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