Glycerin is one of the best skin care products

Today's Arabs - glycerol is one of the best skin care products

Glycerin is one of the best skin care products. It is an organic compound that can be made from natural products such as vegetable oils. This substance is usually used in the manufacture of some skin care products and other ointments and soaps. The use of glycerol is relatively safe and suitable for different types of skin, but the benefits of many and we will list the most prominent in the following:

Clean and moisturize the skin
The glycerin has a remarkable ability to clean the skin, and can be used to this end by adding two tablespoons of glycerol to a glass of rose water and then apply the mixture on the skin. It also absorbs moisture from the air, making it ideal for moisturizing the skin and protecting against dehydration. We recommend that you mix a few drops of glycerol with the daily cream to get the necessary moisturizing.

Healing wounds
The effects of scars resulting from acne can be minimized as well as burns and wounds by placing a little glycerol on them daily. This article activates the process of repairing damaged tissues and cells.

Glycerol can be used to fight and reduce wrinkles by massage the skin with a combination of vitamin E and glycerin. Glycerin may also be mixed with water and used in washing the skin, which helps to cleanse and reduce the lot of wrinkles.

Eliminate Warts
Glycerin has anti-bacterial and fungal properties that is effective in eliminating pimples and reducing blackheads, and also contributes to the treatment of acne. To take advantage of glycerol in this area, it is recommended to mix it with lemon juice and apply the mixture to the skin at evening and then wash it with water in the morning to get the desired results.

Nourishing the skin
Glycerin is an excellent nutrient for skin, making it an essential ingredient in many cosmetics and skin care products. To nourish and soften the skin, it is recommended to add glycerol to the humidifier and apply it daily.

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