Get your baby to sleep alone without crying this way

The Arabs Today - Your child returns to sleep alone without crying this way

Has your child reached the age of four months and followed all the means to help you to sleep and did not work with you? Have you developed a sleep routine to help you with this arduous task and did not find it useful? If your answer is yes, read with us for a new routine that will help you accomplish this task.

Tips for a quiet and deep sleep for your toddler

When you make sure that your child is feeling sleepy, you can do the following:
1. Apply routine sleep routine:

You should keep the basic sleeping routine that your child used to know, so that bedtime is ripe, you can do the following:

Prepare your child's bedroom to sleep.
Then lather your baby into his room.
Read his story or a rich or rich song for him.

2. Apply the new routine (not to cry):

This routine is based on a new idea: "Do not let the child cry." It aims to improve sleep, teach independence and sleep alone without fear, but you should know that this routine requires patience and a repeat of your child's habit.

Quiet sleep without insomnia in 5 steps

After applying the first step, put your baby in bed awake, make sure he does not cry and leave the room.
If your child starts to cry, wait a little while to calm down.
If your child does not relax, go to him and keep him calm.
After your baby calms down, put him in bed again.
If he starts to cry again, repeat the previous process, until he falls asleep.
It may take a long time for your child to get used to this routine, so do not despair.

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