Germany .. Suspension of Mongolian diplomats with 70 kg of heroin

Germany .. Suspension of Mongolian diplomats with 70 kg of heroin

German authorities have arrested two Mongolian diplomats who seized 70 kilograms of heroin in their car, German customs reported Wednesday.

Customs officials said in a statement that their employees had stopped a car carrying diplomatic numbers entering the country from the Czech Republic and less than two Mongolian citizens.

The statement said they showed their diplomatic documents and objected to their car search, citing their diplomatic character. The customs officers of the German Foreign Ministry then informed them that the men and their car had not been accredited in Germany and therefore were not entitled to diplomatic immunity.

Customs officers found two bags with 140 rolls of 500 grams of heroin in their car. The statement said the value of the drug was estimated at 3 million euros.

According to the statement, the two men were detained immediately and their car was confiscated with windshields. A court in the German city of Dresden on Wednesday issued an arrest warrant against them, and the customs and prosecution service in Dresden investigated the circumstances of the case.

Source: Novosti


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