Gases kill three French soldiers

Gases kill three French soldiers

Three French soldiers were killed on Wednesday by inhaling toxic gases from a catwalk while carrying out an operation aimed at preventing the illegal exploration of gold in the French province of Guiana.

French Defense Minister Florence Barley said in a statement today that she "learned with sadness the news of the deaths of three French soldiers during a mission in the framework of the" Harbi "to combat the illegal exploration of gold in Guyana.

"At a time when soldiers were preparing to put explosive devices to destroy underground facilities used by gold diggers, eight of them were poisoned, because of the rise of toxic gases from the bottom of a vestibule."

The evacuation of the soldiers took place immediately, but three of them died. "The other five were taken to the capital Cayenne, where they are in the hospital," she said.

The commander of the French ground forces, Jean-Pierre Bouce, named the dead soldiers Edgar Rawlinger (27 years), Cedric Goyo (31 years) and Michael Vandovi (30 years).

France has deployed hundreds of troops in the province of Guiana to combat illegal mining of precious metals.

French Guiana is a French Overseas Territory, located on the north coast of South America and has borders with Brazil and Suriname.

Source: French media + "Twitter"


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