From the charming Chinese city of Guilin to the Dalma sailing festival in the UAE.

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Dalma sailing festival in the UAE + Halloween celebration in Seoul, and more events of the day October 28, 2018.

World photos

United Kingdom, a postman wearing camisoles during heavy snowfall on the Countet area, Durham County.

World photos

India, an Indian woman performing Hindu rituals on the occasion of "Wife's Day" to wish a long life for her husband, in Amritsar.

World photos

South Korea, a girl with a hideous face mask during a Halloween celebration in the famous nightlife area of ​​cafes and restaurants in Seoul's Itayun district.

World photos

United Arab Emirates, Emirati fishermen are weaving nets during the Dalma sailing festival off the coast of Dalma Island in the Arabian Gulf.

World photos

Thailand, People having fun on the beach during sunset on the island of Ko Kot in the province of Trat.

World photos

India, an Indian artist painting a wall of a building in the city of Allahabad as part of the "Paint My City" project.

World photos

Mexico, A boy wearing a mask while a convoy of Central American immigrants stops for a break in Arigaga on their way to the United States.

World photos

Germany, Activists close a coal transport route during a protest against plans to remove the Hambach forest for the Ljamant coal mine near the village of Inden.

World photos

Philippines, a hunter hits the water to direct the fish to his net, on the Philippine island of Boracay.


Pictures from Twitter ..

Beautiful scenes from the alleys of the Polish city of Wroclaw + from the land of nature and beauty, the Chinese city of Guilin, and more pictures from different accounts of Twitter Saudi Arabia for today ..


Old photos of a beautiful time – Shepherd in Jordan in 1966.


Rocco Rocco

Tourist photos – Beautiful sights from within the alleys of the Polish city of Wroclaw.


China China China

around the world – From the land of nature and beauty, Guilin city in China.


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