French police receive arrest of "doctor infidels"!

French police receive arrest of "doctor infidels"!

French police have arrested an anesthesiologist believed to have poisoned more than 50 patients in order to dazzle his colleagues and boast of rescuing patients in front of them at the last minute.

Frederic Pecher, an anesthesiologist, was arrested for more than 49 "serious negative events," 22 of which occurred during hospital and clinic work, over the past 17 years.

Prosecutors say that Betsher tampering with the criteria of anesthesia for patients with routine operations, causing them sudden heart attacks, which in turn gives him a chance to save patients at the last minute and dazzle his fellow doctors and nurses.

The French investigators confirmed that 2 of the deceased patients, between 2008 and 2017, were running in their blood a huge proportion of potassium, equivalent to 5 times the normal proportion of the blood of the deceased.

As the investigators reached the previous information, they expanded the search and investigation and discovered that there were 50 other similar cases. The police quickly arrested and interrogated the doctor on 14 May.

"If the charges are proven, the doctor will be one of the most serious serial killers in the history of France," said the lawyer for the victims of the doctor, Myrna Berna.

In response to the charges, Pichir asserts that he is innocent and that "he has been summoned for consultation in serious cases, depending on his skill and talent, where his reputation is currently being distorted because of it."

As for Pichir's lawyers, he pointed out that the forensic evidence is doubtful, because the level of potassium rises naturally in the bodies of the dead.

The French judiciary issued its verdict in 2017, preventing Doctor Beecher from practicing medicine unequivocally, until new facts about the case were revealed and arrested recently.

Source: RT


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