Former wrestler Halek Hogan wants to go to Saudi Arabia with WWE

Former wrestler Hulk Hogan wants to go to Saudi Arabia and work in the future with WWE.

"There are many plans under way," Hogan said. I look forward to going to Saudi Arabia with the WWE team, as I look forward to the WrestleMania event ».

"But we are moving forward at a very fast pace, and it's a pleasure to have this opportunity again, after all these years there," he said in an interview with Orlando Sentinel.

Hogan reappeared in the WWE in July, where he interviewed a journalist in the changing rooms of the Extreme Rules and talked about his current situation.

At the time, the company announced that he would be returned to the Hall of Fame after being dismissed and expelled in 2015 for some racist comments in a video clip.

US officials at the time said Hogan was no longer in contract with the company and would not be brought on television, according to F4wonline.

At the end of February, Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of the Saudi General Authority for sports, signed an agreement with Vince McMahon, president of WWE, to hold wrestling competitions exclusively in the Kingdom for 10 years.

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